Faculty Travel Grant

The Lemann Foundation is offering Faculty Travel Grants: an opportunity to meet excellent graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with international funding and to build connections with Brazilian faculty for future Research Grants.

Dates: Between September and December 2014

    • student recruitment: meet excellent Brazilian students in STEM fields with scholarships for Ph.D. (1-year or full) and Postdoctoral programs;
    • connections: fostering academic cooperation with Brazilian top universities for long-lasting research collaboration;
    • research grants: building and/or consolidating connections with Brazilian scientists for future research grants in Brazil.

    How does it work?
    The Faculty Travel Grant sponsors a trip to Brazil to visit top Brazilian universities and research centers. The program will include meetings with faculty, department heads and deans, and meetings with potential students at the graduate level (Ph.D., visitor Ph.D.) and Postdoctoral scientists. The Lemann Foundation will offer:

    • 3-day trip: to São Paulo, and other cities depending on the area of study;
    • expenses covered: international flight, domestic flights, accommodation, and transportation;
    • meetings arranged: the Lemann Foundation will help identifying and contacting key people at target institutions.

    How to apply?
    The application process is quite simple, with 3 simple questions. If you are interested, please apply here: https://pt.surveymonkey.com/s/brazilswb

    Application deadline
    June 30th 2014
    For 3-day trips between September 1 – December 15, 2014

    Criteria for application
    Participants will be selected from the pool of candidates by Lemann Fundation, according to the potential of establishing long-lasting research cooperation.

    • to be faculty at Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Yale, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) or UCLA;
    • to work in the STEM areas (priority areas of the Science Without Borders program);
    • to be able to receive graduate students in the near future.

    Then what?
    Successful connections are expected to build collaborative research projects and apply to joint research grants with Brazilian faculty, such as:

    • Special Visiting Researcher Program (PVE): senior researcher to come to Brazil for at least one month per year for at least 3 years, as Special Visiting Researcher. Benefits of the grant include faculty stipend for the months in Brazil, air fare, research grant, one visitor Ph.D. in the US and one post-doc in Brazil funded, to be appointed by the researcher
    Apply here: https://pt.surveymonkey.com/s/brazilswb

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