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About us

The Lemann Foundation, a nonprofit family organization founded in 2002 by Jorge Paulo Lemann, works to ensure that all Brazilian children have quality public education and to create a network of talented people dedicated to solving social problems in Brazil. To achieve this goal, we develop programs that impact millions of public school students throughout Brazil and support institutions of excellence that work for a fairer and more developed country.

Letter from Jorge Paulo Lemann

Founder and chairman of the Council

  • "In my life I have always trusted people and seen how far they can go when they reach their full potential. We are working at scale to enhance and improve the quality of public education because it is the best way of expanding everyone's potential and, consequently, Brazil's potential. At the same time, we are focusing on developing young talent and leaders, because we believe in the multiplying effect they can have.

    Both these objectives are our Foundation’s motivation; they have the same underpinning principle and go hand in hand towards our mission of transforming Brazil through educational excellence and the development of critical social sectors.

    Before founding the Lemann Foundation, I believed that fulfilling my entrepreneurial calling was enough to pay back the country for the opportunities provided to me. However, I came to the conclusion that I could go further, taking my big dream beyond the corporate world. The Lemann Foundation is my way of doing more, to give back to society. And, even though its role is only a drop in the ocean of all existent needs and challenges, I hope it to be a meaningful drop."

Some of our results

  1. 40 million people have used the edtech solutions we directly support
  2. 600,000 students have been impacted by Formar, our learning-driven school-based management program
  3. More than 500 people have been supported by our leadership programs and networks
  4. We have fulfilled the role of Executive Secretary of Movimento pela Base Nacional Comum (National Learning Standards Movement), supporting the development of the national learning standards document which was delivered by the Ministry of Education to the National Education Council in 2017.
  5. We have supported over 70 institutions that are also committed to improving public education in Brazil and to training the country's future social leaders.

Our impact

We measure impact of our projects through the assessment of objective criteria to ensure we are moving towards a better world. This is what we have learned from some of our main projects.

  • Classroom Management Program

    In 2015, Lemann Foundation's Gestão de Sala de Aula (Classroom Management) program was implemented in public schools in the state of Ceará through a partnership with its government. In 2016, the World Bank assessed its impact in 150 schools and observed positive results: teachers in those schools increased their pedagogical instruction time by 10% (59 hours). The program cost US$2,40 per student - according to the World Bank, it is one of the best cost-benefit indexes reported in world economics literature when compared to other developing countries.

  • Summing efforts to move forward!

    We know the dream of a fairer and more developed country is a big one. Therefore, we believe partnerships with institutions of excellence that share this vision are essential to achieve it. In the last years, we have had the privilege of joining forces with partners who have the same ambition and drive to work towards this dream.

  • Google

    In 2017, the Lemann Foundation and Google announced a project to create over six thousand digital lesson plans, videos and other materials to help teachers provide richer learning experiences for their students. This will be the first set of pedagogical resources aligned with the National Learning Standards being developed by the Ministry of Education, which specify what each and every student has the right to learn. Under the leadership of the Nova Escola Association, which is maintained by Lemann Foundation, the materials will be developed by teachers from all over the country and will include tips and guidance for their incorporation into the classroom, thus reducing the challenges of preparing high-quality classes.

  • YouTube EDU

    The Lemann Foundation and Google had worked together in different projects even before this partnership. In 2013, the organizations launched YouTube EDU: a single YouTube channel with the best educational videos produced by Brazilian teachers and curated by a team of specialists. After only four years, it gathers over 65 thousand video lessons, created by 260 channels, totalizing more than 3 billion views from students and educators seeking to learn and teach in a personalized and innovative way.

  • Nova Escola Magazine

    Iconic legacies of the Brazilian Education and Journalism sectors, Nova Escola and Gestão Escolar magazines were acquired by the Lemann Foundation in 2015 thanks to a partnership with the Victor Civita Foundation. Such acquisition strengthened our mission to contribute to quality public education in Brazil and to guarantee its universal access. Nova Escola and its online platforms reach out to more than 2.5 million teachers and school managers monthly, delivering high-quality educational and instructional content.

  • Top universities

    Through the Lemann Fellowship Program, we support the training of young leaders in eight top universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Thanks to Lemann Foundation scholarships, more than 400 people have been able to attend undergraduate and graduate programs in Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Stanford, UCLA, UIUC and Yale. All Lemann Fellows are committed to returning to Brazil to develop social impact projects. Furthermore, these partnerships aim to support the top universities to develop interesting research about education, leadership and other topics. It also resulted in the creation and support of Brazilian and Latin American studies centers and institutes in Columbia, Harvard, Stanford and UIUC.

Where we are

Learn more about our initiatives and partnerships across Brazil and the whole world.