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Government leaders not only represent the voice of the people, but they are also capable of promoting lasting and scalable policies and programs for the people they represent. That’s why the Lemann Foundation aligns with those who are doing great work with or within governments. We learn from and work side by side with leaders who have the power to implement real, sustainable change in Brazil’s education system. We also invest in public sector talent, developing aspiring government leaders so that they have the skills and the training to have the greatest opportunity to create meaningful change.

If you work for a government agency in Brazil — whether federal, state or municipal — we encourage you to explore the opportunities we provide for partnerships and programs. We also provide research and data that can inform public policies and help you make a difference in the public sector.


  • Formar

    Through the Formar program, we partner with public education organizations throughout Brazil to guarantee that children in our country get a quality education. Together, we promote and align efforts between schools and departments of education—reducing gaps in communication, supporting educators in their professional development, and improving both management practices and teaching processes. The program has already impacted more than 840,00 students at 2.800 schools in 20 school districts.

  • Excelência com Equidade

    The more affluent students in Brazil’s private schools are being much better prepared for success after graduation—perpetuating an educational inequality that does a disservice to everyone in our country. To usher in a new era of learning and maximize the potential of all Brazilians, it is crucial to overcome the persistent inequalities in our education system. The “Excellence with Equity” series of studies identifies those public schools that have achieved excellent learning outcomes for students with low socioeconomic status. Here, you’ll learn about real experiences and best practices that can inspire schools in your community.

  • Conviva!

    This free and comprehensive platform for municipal education leaders and secretaries of education in Brazil is an initiative of UNDIME, the National Union of Municipal Education Directors, in partnership with the Lemann Foundation and 13 other organizations. With informative and powerful content and tools, this website supports leaders with the challenges of daily management.

  • Vetor Brasil

    A nonprofit that partners with state and municipal governments to attract and develop public professionals, Vetor Brasil – founded by Lemann Fellow Joice Toyota – aims to create an engaged and diverse network that will empower the Brazilian public sector. By working together with the organization, the Lemann Foundation seeks to improve the quality of services offered to aspiring public sector leaders and to shrink gaps created by inequality in Brazil.

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