Conteudo Cabeçalho Rodape

In early 2019, the Lemann Foundation embarked on an investigative journey across the landscape of Brazilian public education system to understand how to scale a completely student-centric learning process.

As we pored over 200 projects and reference studies, we set out to answer questions such as: What does it mean for a teacher to personalize learning? What does a student-centered school look like? Are these approaches relevant to Brazilian public schools? What is the role of digital technology in bringing student-centric learning to life? 

This report presents an overview of student-centered learning, a proposal to define this term, an outline of guidelines for its implementation in the Brazilian public educational system, ten student-centric programs selected for their positive outcomes, and the conditions required for successful initiatives in Brazil. 

The educational model of personalized learning, in which the learning process is focused on the student, helps solve some of Brazil's most daunting educational challenges, such as low levels of learning, high dropout rates, and the lack of enjoyment in teaching and learning. In addition, it may breathe new life in the discussion about using digital technologies combined with clear pedagogical objectives.

We hope you enjoy reading it.