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The Lemann Foundation’s multiple initiatives to leverage technology and personalized learning to tackle educational inequalities in Brazil made worse by the pandemic have been featured by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The article, published on the OECD’s Development Matters platform, is titled, “How Brazil’s schools are overcoming education inequalities through student-centred learning” and was written by Camila Pereira, the Lemann Foundation’s Director of Education.

Development Matters is a highly regarded platform for open and informed discussions on pressing development opportunities and challenges. Pereira writes about the Lemann Foundation’s multi-pronged innovations meant to reduce educational inequality and learning poverty in Brazil, which could be set back four years due to the health crisis, according to a Foundation-commissioned study. 

The Foundation’s research has also shown that a mix of data-driven teacher instruction, student online individualized learning, and active learning experiences can lead to meaningful improvements in learning, learning equity, and student engagement, as well as a decrease in school dropout rates. 

 Read more here about how the Lemann Foundation is helping foster the development of innovative teacher-training tracks and digital tools as well as ensuring public school classrooms are connected to high-speed Internet. 

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