Conteudo Cabeçalho Rodape

With rich and diverse debates, the annual conference Redes que Transformam began on Thursday, the 3rd, and went on until Saturday, the 5th. Fully conducted online due to social distancing and the Coronavirus pandemic, the meeting brought together for the first time members of the Education and Leadership networks at the Lemann Foundation, as well as experts and public officials to discuss public challenges in Brazil and possible solutions to generate lasting, positive and profound impacts for the future of the country.

Denis Mizne, our CEO, kicked-off Redes que Transformam, highlighting themes that would then be discussed in the panels, such as quality public education, leadership in different sectors of society, and public health in the context of the pandemic.

World Bank's Director Paloma Anós Casero discussed the waste of human potential in Brazil. Read in on more about this panel:

On the 2nd day, leaders and experts shared experiences in facing the pandemic and its impacts. We all know the Covid-19 brought enormous challenges to the world and further exposed the inequality that exists. However, it also showed us the need for innovative initiatives and accelerated the implementation of others already under development.

Also, our director Lara Alcadipani moderated a very enlightening conversation on the development of the COVID19 vaccine at the University of Oxford, which has its tests in Brazil funded by The Lemann Foundation in partnership with Unifesp and with the approval of Anvisa. 

Andrew Pollard (University of Oxford's researcher), Sue Ann (Institute for Global Health's researcher), and Denis Mizne (Lemann Foundation's CEO) presented information on vaccine research and support for science as you can see below:


On the 3rd and last day of Redes que Transformam, newly re-elected mayor of Caruaru (PE) Raquel Lyra talked with the mayor of Freetown (the capital city of Sierra Leone) Yvonne Aki-Sawyer about the similar challenges of public managers across different continents. See some quotes from this inspiring and frank conversation:

To wrap up, Professor Thiago Amparo, Avon Institute's manager Mafoane Odara, and councilman Abidan Henrique talked about leadership and black representation. Check below some excerpts of this much needed chat:

Throughout Redes que Transformam, we gathered many people who are doing their best to transform Brazil — whether in education, people management, technology, health or public service. 

Three days of inspiring and purposeful conversations on the great challenges of Brazil and the world and how to find solutions to these issues, focusing on the greatest, most creative and dynamic resource there is, our people. This was our annual Redes que Transformam event. We see you again next year!

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