Conteudo Cabeçalho Rodape

Collaboration had never been as critical as it was in 2020. The Covid-19 crisis, which caught the entire world unprepared, spurred our organization—and us, as individuals—to work more closely with each other and with governments to help save lives, support leaders, and keep children learning. 

As we at the Lemann Foundation look back in our Annual Report on what we have together accomplished for Brazil and the world, we are encouraged by what we have managed to achieve, in large part thanks to the support of our partners. 

The pandemic taught us is the importance of agility, especially in the philanthropic sector, when dealing with crises. Even though our pillars of action, Education and Leadership, remained steady, we also pivoted to address the crisis. 

Please download our 2020 Annual Report, which describes the initiatives led by the Lemann Foundation and details the impact we are grateful to have made in such a challenging year.