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Our Grantmaking Approach

The Lemann Foundation is at a critical juncture in our journey to support a range of innovative, scalable initiatives that will not only create a more just and equitable Brazil, but will serve as a model for equitable development around the world.

To achieve our ambitious goals, we work with a wide variety of partners. Our partners help us maximize the impact of our efforts by enabling us to strengthen, professionalize, and empower groups across the private, public, and third sectors.

We have provided grants to more than 100 organizations working to drive meaningful social transformation in Brazil in ways that align with our mission and values. Our grants have not only enabled the creation of a number of organizations that bridge important gaps in Brazil’s socioeconomic landscape, but have provided continued support to help these organizations mature and scale up their impact.

To date, more than 8 million Brazilians have been impacted by the initiatives undertaken by the Lemann Foundation and our partners — and we are just getting started.

Our Grantees